March 12, 2019

What Happens in Vegas Gets Documented – WPPI 2019



Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy – Albert Einstein




How can I even begin to tell you of my amazing experience at this year’s WPPI Conference? It was not only my first time in Vegas, but it was my first time at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. As one of the largest photography conventions in the world, it didn’t disappoint.




It was five days of meeting incredible artists, seeing friends and fellow photographers from back home and around the world, attending parties, creating art that made my heart sing and learning from some of the best.





On Tuesday my travel buddies (Dennis and Julianne) and I were brought out into the desert by Dennis’s friends Josh and Melissa, where we took turns shooting and modeling. I absolutely loved these images from that experience and really enjoy shooting in harsh and direct light.


Captured on film by Julianne Markow of The Markows


Some of my work:




Image by Dennis Pike of Dennis Pike Photo

Image by Julianne Markow





I was afforded the chance on multiple occasions to model for some pretty amazing photographers, including the Do More crew which was incredibly fun and educational. Having an entirely new portfolio of beautiful images of myself doesn’t exactly hurt, either!


Image by Jessica Palatucci of Jess Palatucci Photography 





I was invited by some wonderful women to venture out into the desert on Wednesday where we all took turns modeling and shooting, and I have to say that this was probably my most favorite experience. My favorite image shot that day was by Aroha McCraig, and it truly highlights the beauty and diversity of our awesome industry, I’ve got to have it on my wall at some point.


Image by Aroha McCraig of The Boudoir Lounge by Hartistree


Some of my work:





I ended up being able to produce a little mini shoot on Friday morning with art model Chelsea Brennan. The concept was Vegas Showgirl and we shot at sunrise, Chelsea woke up super early and showed up at my door at 5:30 am in beautiful makeup ready to have her hair set in retro waves.


Image by Julianne Markow


I brought this incredible nude chiffon gown with me all the way from home, it just belonged in Vegas. We headed for the strip just as the sun was peeking over the horizon, bathing everything in beautifully clean and pink light. Julianne and Dennis came along for the ride and we got some really stunning shots.


The three photos below were taken by three different photographers. The first portrait is by Dennis, the second was shot by me and the third was shot by Julianne. I just thought it was so interesting to see the completely different images that were created of the same subject. Looking forward to planning more of these stylized shoots in New Jersey.





Some of my work:



Later on the same day, we were afforded a little time to shoot some pinup on Fremont St with a beautiful retro-inspired dress that Julianne had brought with her from home. My first love (as you might know) is pinup, so this was just the cherry on top of the sundae that was Vegas.


I was absolutely beyond inspired on this trip. Not only did I learn how to use a film camera, (thanks Julianne) met some INCREDIBLE artists, I also felt a part of a wonderful community that has truly welcomed me with open arms. A special thanks to those who made this trip possible and memorable, I can’t wait for WPPI 2020. 


Image by Julianne Markow






The rest of my favorite images from the trip are below: