July 15, 2023

Embodying Diversity and Empowerment: Discover the Types of Boudoir Photography

Introduction: Exploring the Different Types of Boudoir Photography

Welcome to my fave place, the world of boudoir photography, a mix of art, sensuality, and self-expression. This type of photography allows you to celebrate your body, explore different themes, and receive images that reflect your true beauty. In this post we’ll explore the various types of boudoir photography which offer different experiences and styles:







Classic Boudoir Photography:

Classic boudoir photography is a timeless approach that focuses on capturing intimate moments in an elegant setting. It takes its cues from old Hollywood and retro aesthetics to emphasize the things that make you unique.

Through the use of wardrobe, poses, and lighting techniques this time-honored style (and my personal fave) allows your natural beauty to shine. These sessions usually happen in the studio and focus very heavily on the subject (you) and their genuine beauty, with an emphasis on clean light and classical photography techniques.


Artistic Boudoir Photography:

Artistic boudoir photography pushes the boundaries of traditional norms, encouraging more creativity and self-expression.  This style tends to use more unique concepts, experiments with lighting and focuses on storytelling through cinematic imagery.

Sessions like this allow me to stretch my creative muscles and offer an even more customized experience. These types of sessions are inspired by anything from classical art to color, or even a texture or favorite hobby. Most of my Pin-Up clients come to me and choose this type of session – we usually end up conceptualizing a new set for each individual client.


Bridal Boudoir Photography:

Bridal boudoir is trending, capturing the intimate moments of a bride before her wedding day. It’s an incredible gift for your partner and for you, I really can’t understate the confidence boost enough.

Bridal elements such as veils, lingerie, and other accessories are available in the studio to help the bride get into character, my studio wardrobe is there to make you feel like the bridal version of YOU, however that looks!!!


Maternity Boudoir Photography:

The beauty and strength of motherhood are celebrated through maternity boudoir photography, there is nothing like that pregnant glow! Like a bridal session, this style is about capturing a special journey. Witnessing intimate moments between an expectant mother and her child is magic, and this type of boudoir captures the growing radiance, love, and anticipation of bringing a child into the world. It is always an honor to create beautiful images for mamas to be, I know it’s art that will be treasured forever. 

BDSM Boudoir Photography:

BDSM boudoir photography embraces the principles of consent, communication, and the exploration of power dynamics. I have found that through various bondage techniques, poses, and expressions, sensuality, and vulnerability are conveyed in a way that respects boundaries and ensures a comfortable and empowering experience.  

It also celebrates personal desires, encourages self-expression, and challenges societal taboos by embracing diverse forms of sexual exploration. I’m very passionate about this type of session, and absolutely love being a hub for the kinky in my community! You are so welcome here! 

Neon Boudoir Photography:

Neon boudoir photography adds a vibrant touch to the world of boudoir. The use of neon lights sets the mood and evokes different emotions, creating stunning and dynamic images. I find myself constantly inspired by modern art, and I love embodying artists like James Turrell when I work with neons. 

This style of boudoir photography enhances individuality and self-expression, symbolizing empowerment, confidence, and the celebration of one’s unique identity. It captures the fusion of sensuality and boldness in a captivating and empowering way. 


In the realm of boudoir photography, there is a style for every vision and desire. I have seen it all. Whether you resonate with classic elegance, artistic expression, bridal moments, maternity journeys, BDSM exploration, or neon-infused boldness, boudoir photography celebrates self-confidence, empowerment, and your unique beauty.

So, explore these diverse styles, find the one that speaks to your soul, and allow me to be the medium through which you express your authentic self.

Remember, boudoir is not just about capturing stunning images—it’s about celebrating the power and beauty that radiates from within you. 


’til next time babes…