Hi, I’m Tina

I've been in love with creating art since I was a young child, it's my passion and driving force. Before I ever picked up a camera, I was a painter, a designer, and a muse in my own right.

When I'm not behind a camera I can be found empowering women in my community, planning my next trip to a faraway place, pulling over for roadside treasures or spending time with the people that I love.

I'm so glad you've found me, let's create something beautiful together.

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My favorite title is Curator of the Divine Feminine


Tina comes equipped with an amazing artistic vision for the photoshoot as she talks you through the outfits, backgrounds, props, and poses. As someone who doesn't love to have her photo taken, I was shocked at how much I loved the images she captured. Her eye for lighting and understanding body positioning was amazing. It is an experience I would do again in a heartbeat. If you're looking to do a boudoir session I would recommend Tina a hundred times over.

Christina is a fantastic photographer. Not only is she skilled at her craft, but she is also amazing at making you feel comfortable and look beautiful. As a trans woman, I find it hard to trust people with my body. Christina was professional and made me feel completely safe and respected. The whole photoshoot was a wonderful experience.

I had an amazing time working with Tina. The entire session, she made me feel empowered and beautiful. She coaches you throughout the entire experience, making it an inviting space to be in. She GENUINELY cares about making you enjoy yourself, and you can tell that she takes great pride in her work. I have nothing but positive things to say, and I will 100% hire her for another boudoir session in the future!



Summer, 2018

Spring, 2022


Fall, 2023

Client Transformations


Meet The New You: Empowered

So often we are told that we need to change ourselves to be worthy of love, but the reality is all we need to do is change the way we look at ourselves. If we look through a lens of empowerment and love, that is what we will feel.

Having my session done with Tina before my wedding was the best gift I could have possibly done for myself, and my partner! They loved it SO much, and I have never felt more confident and powerful.

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- Maria