October 3, 2023

A’s Boudoir Session Experience

A’s Boudoir Session Experience Review

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today! I have a couple of basic questions and you can answer them in whatever format you want. Let’s jump right in, How did you feel before the boudoir session, and did those feelings change afterward?

I was so excited to give the session a try, but also a bit nervous as I can be critical of myself in pictures, especially ones where I am literally on display. Afterwards…holy hell. I felt fantastic. I literally looked at the pictures in amazement. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt.

What motivated you to book a boudoir session, and did it meet your expectations?

I was motivated due to the Muse special that was running. I had thought about doing a boudoir shoot for a long time and when I saw the special, I thought well might as well give it a try!

Can you describe any specific moments or poses during the session that made you feel especially confident or empowered?

There was a point in the shoot where you described how easy it was to photograph me because my confidence was so evident. I don’t think of myself as someone who has no confidence but I definitely don’t think of myself as someone who is super confident either. As someone who has good (like I said not great) confidence I would have expected this kind of a photoshoot to be something that may have made me feel a little more timid and it was completely the opposite. I felt amazing and the pictures showed it!

How did I make you feel comfortable and at ease during the session?

Extraordinarily comfortable. I really felt like all of your help and guidance was very pointed and appropriate. I never felt like I was doing something wrong even if you corrected me. I felt all of our discussions were completely genuine.

I love that, I take a lot of pride in my intentional language.

Were there any challenges or concerns you had before or during the session, and how were they addressed?

No real challenges or concerns, at least from my end. I think you was amazing with picking outfits though. At first, you mentioned you had some great bridal outfits (which I totally believe), but as soon as I told you I preferred darker colors and did not feel the need to necessarily be in white you really understood the assignment and picked an awesome arrangement of garments.

What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

The fun of getting all dressed up and made up to take fierce pictures. I loved how empowering the whole experience was from start to finish.

How has the boudoir session positively impacted your self-esteem or body image?

I have struggled with how I photograph for YEARS. Even though I accept my body for what it is and appreciate it in a lot of ways there is still something about getting a picture taken and feeling like it just doesn’t look how you see yourself in the mirror. The pictures were absolutely amazing and gave me such positive visions of myself through a lens.

Were there any unexpected moments or insights that arose during the session?

Nothing besides what I mentioned before in that I really enjoyed the entire process and actually really enjoyed the way my photographs came out. I was worried I would have to stretch to get to the amount of photographs for my album and in the end, I had way more favorited than I needed.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere and professionalism of me and and my team?

Both you and Ashley were extremely professional. I had gone to Ashley many times for makeup, so she knew exactly what I liked and she always does a fantastic job. It was through Ashley that I found your instagram and began following you, so my expectations were that you were going to be of similar standards to Ashley and I was not disappointed. You were amazing from start to finish. You did your job expertly and made me feel so comfortable. You afforded me all the options of outfits, time to get comfortable in poses, understanding of how a pose might be uncomfortable and time to adjust, and patience – literally I couldn’t want anything more.

Were the final images and products (if applicable) what you were hoping for, and did they capture your personality and style?

100% yes!

How would you rate the overall experience on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest?


Would you recommend Meerloo Intimates to others, and if so, why?

In a heartbeat a million times over

Can you share any personal stories or anecdotes about the impact of the boudoir session on your self-confidence or relationships?

I think in general I do feel a boost in my self-confidence for sure. I definitely want to show everyone I know the pictures, although they definitely don’t all deserve to see them!


Damn straight! I am so glad you chose my studio for your first boudoir experience. I really hope to see you back in front of my camera the next time you have something special to celebrate!