The Boudoir Class – The Fundamentals of Boudoir


Hannah Rachael and Tina Meerloo are best friends, business partners, and award-winning boudoir photographers.

Tina and Hannah will be instructing a SMALL AND EXCLUSIVE full-day workshop. Touching first on theory and client experience, followed by an “anti-posing flow” demo and the chance to watch both of them shoot and explain their creative process. 

Lunch will be provided.

(Note: this is not a portfolio-building class, if you would like to create content than booking the Neon/Ambient Light shoot-out will ensure you capture tons of fresh content and use all the new skills you’ve learned!)

When: 10am-4pm ✖️ February 3, 2023

Where: Raritan, New Jersey

2-hour Neon/Ambient Light Content Shoot add-on $500 with instruction and models included ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN YOU ATTEND THE WORKSHOP.

No refunds and approved exchanges only.

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